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Not so long ago we somehow convinced ourselves that we could compete with Brazilian football. The truth was a hard pill to swallow. But the Brazilians can definitely compete with our cuisine. Apart from sharing a strong passion for grilled meat, the rest is, when it comes to Brazilians, much more exotic. Case in point – the recently opened Brazilian restaurant Rodizio do Brazil, the first of its kind in Croatia. The news of its opening justifiably appeared on all ZG portals. What is particularly interesting is that the exotic South-American Specialties are all-you-can-eat at a fixed price. Since finger food restaurants have been quite in vogue lately, this piece of news must have brought joy to insatiable Croatian stomachs. Finally something that can match our lamb and our barbecue. And fill deep Croatian – guts. In Rodizio, food is prepared on churrasco, Brazilian grill, and served by pasadores – specially trained (and dressed) waiters. Apart from the classic, comprising at least ten types of meat, the pasadores serve the seafood version with fish, as well as vege rodizio. It is accompanied with a rich assortment of side dishes, dessert, and drinks.

“Brazil is famous for its abundance of exotic fruit, which you can’t really find in Zagreb“, says Gaucho chef, Brazilian Marcelo Antonio Donazzoli. But (as Marcelo praises us), Croatian markets offer a rich array of fruit and vegetables, so he can prepare typical Brazilian dishes: black beans, Feijoada (a dish of beans and pork), Moqueca (Brazilian fish broth) and many other, equally peculiar to pronounce.



I particularly liked the breakfast he prepared when we was hosted by a local TV show: prosciutto and cheese sandwich (check that) and avocado milk shake that’s very easy to make.

Put into a blender:

  • one avocado (the soft inside)
  • some milk
  • a few teaspoons of sugar

Tried it. Deliciooooooous!!!

Photos: Rodizio do Brazil (pr),  MLZ

Translation: Nevena Erak


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