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Summer is a yearly season reserved for vacation on one of all the mesmerising beaches our country has to offer, its romance… hot, hot! Yes… summer is where all the good things come around. But my last summer wasn’t promising at all. The august has almost came to an end, and slightly pissed off by all the documentation I had to go through with I.R.S., collecting other documents for national institutions, and paying the taxes, I decided to go on an event I wasn’t planning to go to at the beginning but surprisingly something was pulling me there. And there is where I’ve met her – in person!

Mile i ananas

“Hey you must be Lidija, right? My Little Zagreb???“
And she recognises me as well. And the connection happens. We’ve connected through online social networks earlier in our carriers, liking each other’s posts, commenting… but meeting in person lift all of that up on a new level. We agree to meet again soon, not even realizing how important that will be for us in the future. It hasn’t been smooth as we would’ve like (commitments, time arrangements, etc…), but it was bound to happen, so we just went with the flow. Can’t fight the universal meaning between people, duh! And from that moment, our little world has come to life. It comes to the age difference or me that no matter where’ve came from, it isn’t the vital ingredient in peoples lives to form a special bond of friendship between two people. We’re starting to understand each others energy, opinions, the way we look upon the world and it on us, having the same ideas, finish each others sentences, being critical and honest in every moment, encouraging each other every minute of every hour. And the pages of our mutually connected lives begin to right itself…


Like on a conveyor belt, our laughter, mutually visited events, happy thoughts and others just doesn’t stop rolling. We print it all in our memory, of course sometimes we put it up on IG or IG story, or FB, sometimes we create it ourselves, and feel good, happy and satisfied when we feel the energy of others who share our mutual excitement for experiencing that positive vibe in life. Obviously, we love to share!!!

Same as everything, our friendship is special for us, so we’re celebrating it with a cake. During a month of June, we have had a project in which we tried to find the best Cheesecake in town. That post had a great response in our readers minds, eyes and bellies, so we figured it wouldn’t be fair letting them choose the best place without getting our seat at the table. The die is cast. We need to get back to basics.


And here we are, carried away yet again by our creative parts of us. An unusually cold July Saturday has knocked on our doors. Temperature stepped down a bit, so our hash tag #Don’tLetMileHeatthingsUpAroundHere was ready to roll. Half-finished cheesecake is waiting for Lidija to swing by, while my apartment is being casually turned into a small photo-shooting studio. We laugh, we celebrate, we make stylings and ofc, we’re taking millions of photos…


Don’t you dare ask me how long is it for a Cheesecake to bake, or the preparation for it…OMG! I don’t really care. I’m spontaneous, and so is my way of cooking and baking. But we have created a certain way of how should the ingredients go, so you shouldn’t get confused and after all, so you can enjoy this marvellous cake.




Cookie base:
250 g of cookies (Petit, Beuere, Gran Cereale, McVities…)
2 sugar spoons
125 g of butter
Yellow cream:
500 g of fresh cheese
2 lemons
5 sugar spoons
4 eggs
300 g of Greek yogurt
White cream:
half of Vanilla flavour, 2 sugar spoons and 2 Vanilla sugars
2 sour cream or 400g of Mileram



*Use a greasy piece of paper to set base on the bottom of your cooking mold, and you need to do this if you want to transfer your cake to a plate or something else.
*Preheat the oven to a 250 degrees Celsius.
*Crunch 250 g of cookies, put sugar and butter in to the small pot, and melt them on light fire and add already crunched cookies, and mix it good.
*Put the mix in to the mold and spread it equally all over, but gently, don’t push to hard.
*Cook it exactly for 4 minutes on 250′ C.


While the base is cooking, prepare the yellow substance:

*Mix 500g of fresh cheese, 2 lemon juice, 5 sugar spoons, then add eggs, one by one so that the cheese disintegrates more smoothly, and in the end add Greek yogurt.

*Take the baked cookies out of the oven after 4 minutes and lower the temperature on 170’C. Put the yellow cream over the cookies and bake it for 20-25 minutes on 170’C. Shake the mold a bit so the cream is dispersed equally.


While that mix is baking, prepare the white cream:

*Mix 2 sour creams with half vanilla flavour and add 2 sugar spoons or 2 vanilla sugars.
When the yellow cream is done baking, pour white cream all over it and leave it in previously turned off oven for 5 more minutes. The cake has to chill firstly on room temperature and then after that in the fridge for at least 4 to 5 hours before consuming. (Best to leave it over night.).


Recipe and preparation: MileButorac @hungry_mile

Editing: Lidija Šeatović @mylittlezagreb

Styling: Mile i Lidija

Translation: Filip Šeatović

Thank you Sol i Papar for dishes using in this story

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