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January has finally come, this month when we will change our habits, personalities, lifestyles, and become the best version of ourselves ☺. It doesn’t really have to be that difficult since we’ll benefit most from socializing, meeting new people, learning new concepts and exploring ideas, visiting a charity concert, or learning new skills. It just so happens that Zagreb in January offers a little bit of everything.

If you’re in the mood for good music and happen to love animals and are willing to do a good deed, then you have to go to Njuške njuškama (Noses to Noses) at Hard Place. The concert is organized for the benefit of 40 cats that are under the care of Mrs. Branka, and apart from a good time, the concert will be a great occasion to collect money for food, litter, and health treatment of the kitty cats. The concert will feature Dikobraz, Rizol, Erotic Biljan & His Heretics, and DJ Fiddly Digits, and it will take place on Saturday, 9 January, 2016, from 9 p.m. The ticket is 20 HRK.

If you are ready to face yourselves, then the Get to Know Your Shadow (Upoznaj svoju sjenu) workshop is the right choice for you. As the organizers of the workshop from the Center for Integrative Development say, “the ability to become aware, to name, and to accept your “dark side” is the bravest thing a person can do on his path to self-awareness”. Once you get to know your own negativity, a process of transformation begins. The workshop will take place on Sunday, 10 January, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at CIR, Gundulićeva 19/1, and you can apply at cir@cir.hr

If you’re hungry and looking for exotic taste, make sure not to miss the Trip around the World through the Kitchen: Thailand workshop. At the workshop, you’ll see the making of a Thai soup with rice noodles, summer rolls with sweet chili sauce, wok thai noodles, and street banana pancakes. The cooking will take place at the Center for Food Culture, Nazorova 18, and you’ll be guided through Thai cuisine by Ivana Orešić, author of culinary travelogues. You can reserve your spot at info@kulturaprehrane.hr

If you’re in the mood to meet witches, fairies, and elves, use the magic of the snowy January and head to the Ethnographic Museum for an exhibition titled The Magical Fellowship – belief in supernatural beings in Podravina. The exhibition is the result of the cooperation of the Ethnographic Museum and awarded photographer Iva Lulić, and it covers supernatural beings, fairies, witches, specters, wild children, and other local creatures.

Who says opera is boring? If you’re in the mood for a laugh following the adventures of a young lady who desperately wants to go dancing, hurry and see Amelia Goes to the Ball, opera buffa made in cooperation of the Mala Scena Theater and the Music Academy. You can see it on 14, 20 or 21 January at the hall of the Music Academy in Zagreb.

63rd Zagreb Festival – Zagreb Festival is the oldest popular music festival in this part of Europe, with continuous tradition from 1953. This year, it takes place on 22 January at the Hypo Center, with numerous performers such as Hari Rončević, Giuliano, Mila Elegović, Leteći Odred, Marko Tolja, and many more…

January abounds in treats for music buffs, which is confirmed by the concert of the Vienna Choir Boys on 30 January at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. They will perform works by Vivaldi, Verdi, Mozart, Schubert, and others, so don’t miss this event if you’re a fan of classical music.

Note: On the cover page you can see Enrique Iglesias, the singer you can come and watch in Zagreb, May 8th

Translation: Nevena Erak


October 27, 2015

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