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One fast visit to this cute, little, crunchy looking restaurant.
Fairy tale kind of artwork got me back to my earliest childhood when we have all wanted to be ballerinas, and believed in fairies and Santa…
One unreal beauty Christmas party with my favourite Coco Chanel.
It’s time for this month EAT, PRAY, LOVE section – yeaaaaah :-)


Geography and gastronomy

Cute. Miniature. Charming.

The shortest description of this new place in the city, at Petrinjska 14. Combination of geography and gastronomy plus a bit of Croatian taste and world known name gives you: Heritage Croatian street food.
Spinning around clumsy as always, trying to catch every single moment with my camera while some 3 guys is making it crowdie in there. The situation is clear real soon and I am leaving my camera to rest for a bit. Food time! Trying to make small talk with our most kind hosts, Nikola and Gabriel. This small place is filled with all kinds of nice, tasty smells, from all over Croatia. As usual, the first thing that caught my eye was their brand new, super good fig schnapps, my favourite liquor. Okay, it’s not as good as the one I do at home, but it can pass… My order included the house special – Crobite. Mine is called Shepard canapes, and it is made with spread of pumpkin seed, fresh Lika’s cheese, fried pumpkin seeds, crunchy bacon and shallot.
Croatia in a sandwich. Like! The idea is to offer all sorts of combination that connects every part of Croatia and that is why they are called Crobites. From all the way south, to the northeast point. At least there is one meal from each place. You get a story, and some fine wine, and maybe sometimes even a homemade beer.
Hint: Check it out!



Fairy tale à la carte

I think my life is short on fairy tales…and let’s face it… whose isn’t?
Every day is just, unfortunately, too realistic.
And all I want is to be a kid again, to play, to be free, to find my charming prince with a happy end.
It’s freezingly cold outside and I am entering the MUO, and already there in the lobby I can see few dolls that look like ballerinas. There are my friends Jasmine, that I really liked from a moment I saw her. And at the doorstep there is a big „soldier“ named Nutcracker.
Isn’t it amazing that the ballet was first preformed long, long ago, in the 1892. in St. Petersburg, and you still can barely get some tickets for it here in Zagreb. The show called Nutcracker, or originally Scelkuncik, has a plot that plays on the Christmas Eve, and is one of the most famous shows on the world. It came here in Zagreb in 1968. when a Russian prim ballerina, Margareta Froman, played it for the first time. Also that same year this famous ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev preformed as a prince in the piece called Scala. There is a lot of firsts and the most in ballet. And the show keeps getting better and better.

Costumes Are Marvelous
They are mostly from our own Croatian National Theatre, but some of them are from a few private collections. It is really hard to dance in almost all of them. That is why some scenes are really short. Reconstructions of original costumes are an artwork for itself.

NUTCRACKERS are those little dolls that were first simple nutcrackers made by jobless miners. To make them takes time and patience, so they are pretty valuable. Not all of them serve for nut cracking… some of them carry salt and pepper, and some are just for decoration.

Pink and white costumes, prince capes, Cajkowski, Nureyev, dance of sugar fairies, battle of mousses and a Nutcracker… Christmas fairy tale that has it all! Recommended!
The show lasts till the end of February.


True colourful party

Some of those combos.
Inspirational ingredients.
Boldly measured.
Perfectly coloured.
Ideally mixed.
There are some brands that make us fall in love with’em. Forever! The moment it crosses your mind, you fill happiness inside. You don’t panic with it, it’s all smooth and silky. You happen to catch yourself smiling just thinking about it. And I have scheduled a meeting with a new creative director of Chanel, Lucia Pico, again…through here latest Christmas collection. Lucia was inspired by worldwide cities, and she has created, with cooperation from Makeup Creation Studio, a new line of Chanel products. So cool! Glass, metal and rubber have been transformed under her guidance to unorthodox shades and textures, and pink, coral red and red colour have become a standard package in all of the new issues of her products. The collection of Synthetic de Chanel has with it an: Eye shadow pallet, eyeliner, intensive pink blush, nail polishes and a few lipsticks.

Breathless :-) !

Text: Lidija Šeatović

Photo: Lidija Šeatović, press

Translation: Filip Šeatović


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