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When the Sun puts on its winter coat and shows its teeth (brrr!), one should not necessarily give in to apathy. You could also take vitamin D orally, and as we count down to New Year spring (hey, the good news is that we’ve already put the longest night of the year behind us so the days are slowly becoming longer #undyingoptimist), let’s keep ourselves warm in our homes or, better yet, somewhere outside. Here are several ideas what to do with yourself over the holidays, if you’re lucky enough like me to have holidays to enjoy. J If you don’t, these ideas will help you from turning the after work hours into mulled wine, sausages, and movies on Channel 2. At least not every day. So let’s see…


Plant your own Christmas tree

We all have:

a) a cabin near Zagreb.

b) friends/family who have cabins nearby.

If you thought in advance or if you’re just eco-friendly so you bought your tree in a pot with soil (I was talked into it by my kid #thankyouJanko), make sure to give it life after Christmas. Be careful – if you really want the tree to prosper, don’t keep it inside the house for more than ten days, and let it adjust in a hallway or a garage before planting.


Write down good decisions

I remember the smell of the first days of school and going shopping with my dad to Morning Glory, the coolest stationery store in this part of the universe, when they still had a store in Teslina. Somehow the beginning of a new school year was easier with gorgeous notebooks and pens that were completely exotic at the time in the nineties. The good news is that our favorite stationery store opened on a new location in Kaptol centar and expanded its offer with didactic toys for kids, and they also have a cute web shop. Turn a new page, literally or in your new planner or, like me, discover things that make you happy with the Delight Exercise Notebook.


Breathe in a bit of Spain in Radićeva

While even the penguins are freezing outside, there are always these warm places that make you feel like home. Spain got under my skin in high school: my first excitement with Almodovar, the love I felt for Madrid on my graduation trip, and a few years later for Barcelona and this one guy… Well, here it is – Spain in the center of Zagreb! Mio Corazon was first located in Radićeva 16, and it recently opened another locale across the street, at number 15, due to great interest. At number 16, you have to try the tapas (the husband of co-owner Marčela, Julio, is Chilean of Spanish descent and he makes the – perfectly), and once you’ve had your treat, just cross the street for a more pumped up version of the place, where you can raise glasses of various versions of sangria, cocktails, Spanish wine or cervezas.


Perfect your skating skills

Jung called it synchronicity… What else can you call the thrill I felt after seeing a poster for figure skating training for adults just several days after I wrote about figure skating and learnt my first figuresUntil the end of February, you can train every Saturday with professional trainers in leisurely evening hours (9 – 10:45 p.m.) and finally master that pirouette. Velesajam Ice Rink, 098 371-889 (Kristina).


Treat yourself to home-made wellness

The combinations are as follows – lavender+olive, lemon+immortelle (my fave!), lemon grass+orange, and the products from a line that will spoil all of your senses are the shower foam, which turns gel into magic as soon as it comes in contact with water (I know it firsthand), the rich body butter, bath, hand cream… I’m talking about Biofarm’s –Adria Spa line I discovered a long time ago, but it still made me very happy when I found it under the tree. They must know me well since I also got the wonderful Aromatica set of natural herbal cosmetics, which is as lovely as their teas and spices typical for this area. We have some local cosmetic tricks up our sleeves as well!

Take your friend out for Tart Caramel

The sales season has begun, this we know. If you’ve missed it by any chance (I haven’t :D), on your way to Arena Centar, at Lanište 12 d, a very cool pastry shop has opened called Fancy Cake, which you’ll not be able to pass by so easily. The end of day is much sweeter with their Tart Caramel or Icy Wind Cake (with strawberries – even in the winter).

Visit a live manger

A stall, an inn, cattle, the people of Bethlehem, the Holy Family, wise men of the east, shepherds… Become a part of the Christmas magic with the lovely project of the Cenacolo community, whose amazing amateur actors found their light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t forget to bring the youngest ones – they might like them even more!

Hours: Kaptol, 30 December 2015, 1 January, 6 January, 2016: 4:15 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m.

Sveti Lovrec, 261211.Nakon lanjskog probnog projekta zivih jaslica koji je polucio veliki uspjeh, mladi Lovrecani su i ove godine odigrali zive jaslice. Pripreme su trajale gotovo dva mjeseca u kojima su u domacoj radinosti nastajale stalice, torovi i kostimi. Najvise zanimanja izazvala je Sveta obitelj smjestena u stalici na trgu kraj zupne crkve, a mali Isus, Marija i Josip svoje su uloge odradili i vise nego uspjesno i satima spremno pozirali pred publikom.Foto: Goran Sebelic / CROPIX

And finally… I wish you a lovely New Year’s Eve celebration, and lots of smiles, health, pleasure, and good company in the new year. Until our next reading next year! Xoxo

Photos: archive MLZ

Translation: Nevena Erak


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