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Hello World!

How does that saying go again? You can’t get a second chance to make the first impression. So let’s go…!

My name is Lidija Šeatović. I live in Zagreb. I am happily married; I have two beautiful sons and a job I love. I found my life calling at the most precious age for a woman… obviously not too late! I am an editor of a cult teenage magazine, but I miss some more generational communication. Don’t get me wrong, I love my younger audience. They keep me perpetually young, but the need to scribble something and show off among my buddies is stronger than me.

After I graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, destiny threw me (shhhh!… I caused it myself) into publishing, and I haven’t managed (wished) to escape it since. The relationship between me and words wasn’t love at first sight, but friendship soon grew into real love and then into passion. After marketing positions, I threw myself head first into journalism and editing, and I’m managing somehow.The idea about a blog has been on my mind for a long time. Like a real nerd, I studied the blogging scene at home and abroad carefully and… I made my decision.

I took a closer look at my drawbacks and my advantages and decided that it was going to be a blog about (not just my own) life in my city. About everything that interests me and I think would be interesting for others, regardless of where they live in. With the help of my lovely lady associates (for now… I hope there will be some gentlemen as well!!!), this will be a place where you’ll be able to find topics about personal styles and lifestyles of my fellow Zagrebians, about interesting places, events, people, and things, about everything that makes the life of a city and its citizens. I’ll try to depict my city and my life to everyone who wants to come visit, but also to Zagrebians who might have forgotten how beautiful this city of ours is.

I hope I will succeed, and you’ll help me (and reward me) the most if you follow me, share me (with others), criticize me, praise me, comment on me… It will only make me better. Of course, don’t criticize me too much. :-))))


P.S. I have yet to define my life motto, and I’m jealous of Ana because she has one, but I’ll think of something…