My Little Zagreb By 


How many times did you gaze into the tiny planets in the poster on the wall of your room as a kid, thinking it would be nice to travel around the Solar System? To be catapulted into another, sunnier world and to forget about adolescent love woes that seemed impossible to solve. Today you are probably bothered by other things, so a trip like this still seems equally appealing. We have a solution for you in Zagreb: we enabled to you to visit the planets of the Solar System with the speed of light. OK, not exactly the speed of light, but you’ll be able to indulge in a unique Earthly tour around the Solar System, grounded by a single man – Davor Preis.

Nowhere else but in Zagreb can you find those exact planets of the Solar System. Preis devised the art installation Nine Views in 2004, and the sculptures are located in the wider Zagreb area – from the Jelačić Square to Kozari bok and Podsused – due to the distance ratio that Preis respected since the Sun (the creation of academic scupltor Ivan Kožarić) is located in Bogovićeva Street (right next to Bulldog). The diameter of the planets is also proportional to the actual planets, so the grounded Pluto is only 3 mm wide.

Anyway, get up and going, walk around the streets of Zagreb, look at the people, spot the details on the beautiful, but mostly untended facades, and rest a bit on every planet.

Idea! Why don’t you take  the Solar tour by bike? See on Blue Bike Zagreb!


Where are the planets located?

MERCURY (Margaretska ulica 3), VENUS (Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića 3), EARTH (Varšavska ulica 9), MARS (Tkalčićeva ulica 21), JUPITER (Voćarska ulica 71), SATURN (Račićeva ulica 1), URANUS, (Siget 9), NEPTUNE (Kozari put), PLUTO (Aleja Bologne – underpass)


Photos: by Lidija

Translation: Nevena Erceg