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I could have never imagined I would be the one to fall in love for healthy food!
But hey, guys! It’s not some pale, multi-coloured bunch of veggies, restaurant cooked wanna be healthy ingredients…it’s the real deal. :-)
I am not the same one that still eats those white bagels during breakfast…or just storms out, rushing somewhere and like a thief goes to the first bakery and gets a muffin. But all right…muffins are still my silent weak spot. It looks simply like a piece of happiness…awww :-) !
And I ain’t the one skipping on lunch just cause it looks like a waste of time. And to mix white wine and full working day… not a good idea. But luckily booze makes me sleepy, and I often get a headache…
And all those short walks to the fridge in the back of the kitchen. The unhealthy food whispering your name, calling you…those were the good old days. 😉

But… the responsibility overtakes us and we have to behave.

Right now I consider myself very conscious about my nutrition…cause I can’t go online and on Instagram and disappoint all my faithful followers. Food bloggers. Insta bloggers. People that design artwork with food. Them are my inspiration. Surf, surf, surf… and everything is healthy and delicious, rhapsody of colours and healthy food, like, like, like, like!!!

Some of my favourite insta friends from all around the world who inspire me on a daily bases are: Bahare from Sweden (@healthy_belly) Lori, Croatian women from Paris (@ofcitiesandflavours), Lili from Croatia (@travellingoven), Danica from Ireland (@madeby_danica), Maria from Florida (@saltandsuch), Maja (@delicious_and_healthu_by_maya)… she was probably the reason for my inspiration see → HERE), cute Helena (@helenarawandlifestyle) and a bunch of other people…


…and of course my dear friend and co-worker: Željka (@mygreenstories). The result of a few of our meetings in her beautiful house stands in front of you today… Yummy and healthy… but still sweet! Try and resist? I bet you, you will not successes…


20161009183519_IMG_8664 - Copy


  • 1 cup chopped or ground almonds
  • 1 ½ cup coconut shreds
  • 1 cup semolina
  • ½ cake flour
  • 1 cup light muscovado sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • 1 cup baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • Add 2 cups of plant-based milk in the mix of dry ingredients and ½ of a cup of melted coconut oil. Use spoon to put it in a baking pan wrapped in a baking paper and bake it for 30 min on 200 Celsius.
  • Leave it in the pan when baked, then slice it and put some sauce on it that you previously made with: caramelise ½ cup of sugar in a ½ cup of water then add 1 ½ glass of milk(almond and coconut).

Cool before serve, would be good to let it rest for 5 or 6 hours… it hasn’t lasted that long in my home.

You can add toffee sauce with it…

Blend 6 spoons of sugar with 3 spoons of water, and heat it up while you’re mixing it until it becomes golden, then add 3 more spoons of water. Then while you’re mixing it, remove it from the heat, add half of the lemon juice, 2 or 3 spoons of tahini and a little bit of sliced lemon zest. If you like, you can add a little bit more of lemon juice or water. If you don’t like tahini, replace it with plant based or regular cream. In that case leave the lemon out of the mix.


Recipe made by: Željka Čolakić

Photo: Marija Laća

Translate: Filip Šeatović 


One fast visit to this cute, little, crunchy looking restaurant.
Fairy tale kind of artwork got me back to my earliest childhood when we have all wanted to be ballerinas, and believed in fairies and Santa…
One unreal beauty Christmas party with my favourite Coco Chanel.
It’s time for this month EAT, PRAY, LOVE section – yeaaaaah :-)


Geography and gastronomy

Cute. Miniature. Charming.

The shortest description of this new place in the city, at Petrinjska 14. Combination of geography and gastronomy plus a bit of Croatian taste and world known name gives you: Heritage Croatian street food.
Spinning around clumsy as always, trying to catch every single moment with my camera while some 3 guys is making it crowdie in there. The situation is clear real soon and I am leaving my camera to rest for a bit. Food time! Trying to make small talk with our most kind hosts, Nikola and Gabriel. This small place is filled with all kinds of nice, tasty smells, from all over Croatia. As usual, the first thing that caught my eye was their brand new, super good fig schnapps, my favourite liquor. Okay, it’s not as good as the one I do at home, but it can pass… My order included the house special – Crobite. Mine is called Shepard canapes, and it is made with spread of pumpkin seed, fresh Lika’s cheese, fried pumpkin seeds, crunchy bacon and shallot.
Croatia in a sandwich. Like! The idea is to offer all sorts of combination that connects every part of Croatia and that is why they are called Crobites. From all the way south, to the northeast point. At least there is one meal from each place. You get a story, and some fine wine, and maybe sometimes even a homemade beer.
Hint: Check it out!



Fairy tale à la carte

I think my life is short on fairy tales…and let’s face it… whose isn’t?
Every day is just, unfortunately, too realistic.
And all I want is to be a kid again, to play, to be free, to find my charming prince with a happy end.
It’s freezingly cold outside and I am entering the MUO, and already there in the lobby I can see few dolls that look like ballerinas. There are my friends Jasmine, that I really liked from a moment I saw her. And at the doorstep there is a big „soldier“ named Nutcracker.
Isn’t it amazing that the ballet was first preformed long, long ago, in the 1892. in St. Petersburg, and you still can barely get some tickets for it here in Zagreb. The show called Nutcracker, or originally Scelkuncik, has a plot that plays on the Christmas Eve, and is one of the most famous shows on the world. It came here in Zagreb in 1968. when a Russian prim ballerina, Margareta Froman, played it for the first time. Also that same year this famous ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev preformed as a prince in the piece called Scala. There is a lot of firsts and the most in ballet. And the show keeps getting better and better.

Costumes Are Marvelous
They are mostly from our own Croatian National Theatre, but some of them are from a few private collections. It is really hard to dance in almost all of them. That is why some scenes are really short. Reconstructions of original costumes are an artwork for itself.

NUTCRACKERS are those little dolls that were first simple nutcrackers made by jobless miners. To make them takes time and patience, so they are pretty valuable. Not all of them serve for nut cracking… some of them carry salt and pepper, and some are just for decoration.

Pink and white costumes, prince capes, Cajkowski, Nureyev, dance of sugar fairies, battle of mousses and a Nutcracker… Christmas fairy tale that has it all! Recommended!
The show lasts till the end of February.


True colourful party

Some of those combos.
Inspirational ingredients.
Boldly measured.
Perfectly coloured.
Ideally mixed.
There are some brands that make us fall in love with’em. Forever! The moment it crosses your mind, you fill happiness inside. You don’t panic with it, it’s all smooth and silky. You happen to catch yourself smiling just thinking about it. And I have scheduled a meeting with a new creative director of Chanel, Lucia Pico, again…through here latest Christmas collection. Lucia was inspired by worldwide cities, and she has created, with cooperation from Makeup Creation Studio, a new line of Chanel products. So cool! Glass, metal and rubber have been transformed under her guidance to unorthodox shades and textures, and pink, coral red and red colour have become a standard package in all of the new issues of her products. The collection of Synthetic de Chanel has with it an: Eye shadow pallet, eyeliner, intensive pink blush, nail polishes and a few lipsticks.

Breathless :-) !

Text: Lidija Šeatović

Photo: Lidija Šeatović, press

Translation: Filip Šeatović

Zagreb simply isn’t backing down. No, no…it even steps up like a champion it is. It got more shinny, better smelling, happy and crowded as the season continues… just like a circus. 2 times best Christmas destination in Europe defended the title, keeps adding the glory and fame to its name. I am overly delighted because of it.


Rudolph is peeking around every corner, Santas keep on spreading the happiness all around, bells ringing without stopping, every single place keeps on playing those already famous Christmas songs (Mariah, Britney, George Michael L ). So even if your nature spells Grinch, the Christmas spirit is still upon you.
You see them sausages smoking and cooking, frittatas getting new dipping, (the one I like has a bit of coconut and chocolate plus cinnamon on it…the place called „kod bake Marije“ has it, in front of Johann Franck). And as per us, Johann is absolutely super crowded. Fire, vine and rum tea…makes it all Christmassy as always.

For all of you out there looking for something new we have; bean lens, octopus stew wrapped in bread in Tomićeva street, or the on with tuna and cherries (made a promise to myself to try that and post it on Instagram ☺). Or goulash with bagels in Martićeva street( tried it, not bad…) stay tuned peeps. So however, we are the voice of reason!

In that Christmas food insanity out there, you can cook your own masterpieces at home, and no, we do not talk about sarma or Christmas cakes we have left behind us, or the stake and new years cakes that are right in front of us, not even about Vlatka Pokos and her cooking school on telly, we are simply talking about; healthy and delicious. Bottoms up!




(serves 4)


  • 6 clementines
  • 1banana
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds (Encian Superfoods Bio Chia Seeds)
  • 1 tbsp baobab (Encian Superfoods Organic Baobab)

If chia seeds are not pre soaked, in order to maximize the benefits, it is necessary to blend them well in a blender and then add:

  • 1-2 dl water and
  • 2 dl Encian Aronia Juice

…and blend once more.



(serves 4)

Flatbread ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Encian Superfoods Bio Rice Flour
  • 1 onion
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 tbsp Encian Superfoods Bio Flaxseed Flour
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed
  • A small bunch of parsley
  • Salt, pepper and chilli according to taste
  • About 0,5 dl warm water
  • Frying oil


Finely chop, or blend in a blender, onion, carrot and parsley. Add flaxseeds, flaxseed flour and rice flour then season according to taste. Add water and knead with hands. Form little rounds and fry in a pan with a bit of oil. To make them even healthier – fry them in an oven at 200°C for about 25 minutes.

Serve with fresh veggies or/and any kind of dip to your taste. We decided to go for delicious cherry tomatoes and homemade spicy onion-beet root chutney.


Chutney ingredients:

  • 4 onions – finely chopped
  • 2-3 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1-1,5 dl Encian Beetroot Juice
  • 1 tbsp of wine vinegar
  • 1 clove of garlic – finely minced
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste (double concentrated)
  • 1 tsp Garam Masala spice blend (or to taste)
  • Lemon juice, salt, pepper and chilli – according to taste


Fry finely chopped onion with olive oil until golden brown.

Add a tablespoon of wine vinegar and cook until the onions start to stick to the pan.

Add some beetroot juice, stir and cook until it starts to stick again.

Repeat this process of adding and reducing until you have used all beetroot juice (according to your taste).

Finish of with tomato paste, garlic, spices and lemon juice.


Recipes by: Željka Čolakić

Text: Lidija Šeatović

Photo: Marija Laća

Translation: Filip Šeatović

Powered by: Encian



That date happened at Park Zrinjevac. Had coffee at Express bar in Petrinjska street, met some friends in making during a sunny Tuesday, while the first Advent days were here. Just about to be noon and most of my tasks for today completed. Next one is an easy one – chilling in winter soon and having a stroll through upper part of town. Discovering a few new places throughout the city on different locations. Martić Street filled with designers’ shops, upper town streets and backyards, and part of it moved to Novi Zagreb… There is a bunch of new to-do places on my little list, but not as much time as I needed (#twoweekstillchristmas). So let’s go!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Lidija‘s been waiting for me at Franck, we are chugging our second cup of coffee and heading to upper part of town. Of course she’s laughing at me after my tough breathing after that 15th stair, but my muscle fibre from last nights Pilates class is still not allowing me to move much. J

Stross has temporarily been renamed to Strossmatre, cause all of its bedeck. It gave us a glimpse of what it’s offering throughout this cold December. Romance all around. After all those coffees it’s definitely time for some warm snack. Where we going, what we doing? 8 different houses gave us a lot of options, but I had a feeling for Fantastic food and drinks place that probably has the biggest offer of sausages in the city, at least I think it has. They have something different to offer so I had to decide between a variety of sausages, and I didn’t know what to pick. It was actually pretty cool but at the end I decided to go with spicy normal one and I wasn’t wrong for choosing that one. It was served with fried onions, mustard and vegetables. But first let me take a picture (selfie).


Uncommon beer offer had me going with Estrella that brought me back to summer and Barcelona… but let’s move on cause the sun was fading and that makes my romantic associations and gastro wishes shorter to fulfil.


Award for the biggest disseverment of this Advent is definitely Vlaška story. Nice guy named Femi, from Konoba Težok, served us with some amazing homemade wine out of the Lipanović cellar, and a Plavac was an amazing choice. Haven’t gone wrong there. Lidija was trying all sorts of food and drinks, for so long that we’ve almost forgot to move on to the next place…but we will be back here again… very soon!


There is another cute place, above the Stross, that was meant for romantics and food lovers, but as well to people that love screenplay. That is not all. There is a show called The tale from Grič, that has been playing at Vranci meadow with a few DJ’s and musicians. Place looks like it has been mad for taking pics so we did. Gavella is the one who is responsible for this wonderful place, but instead of watching a theatrical masterpiece, we drank. I had plumb schnapps and L had apple and cinnamon. Yes and yes sir!


Our daylight inspired adventure ends at one of the most visited places in Zagreb during this years Christmas holidays, Klovićevi dvori. Ice skating; next time, but fritters warm up our souls and chocolate and cinnamon makes it even sweeter. (I have stopped writing down stuff a long time ago, all those city lights and the new look amazed me too much.)


It’s nice. Take all members of your close family, your pets, neighbours, boyfriends, girlfriends everyone and go and enjoy the upper town. Workdays are even an better option since people are busy and don’t have time to go to the city. You won’t be sorry for frizzing a little bit, just be creative in the ways you warm yourself up again. The schedule of every single event during the Advent is available on super interesting site

Kissy, kissy, see you seen.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Text: Matea Roščić

Photos: Lidija Šeatović, Marija Laća

Translation: Filip Šeatović

Everyone has its own favourite city, that fills our batteries and that we find inspirational.

For us, that’s London.

City filled with diversity, colors, smells and music. Its streets make you feel alive and full of life. It offers us a lot of opportunities in fashion, music, design, architecture, art and in all those big, beautiful green parks. We find our inspiration in every single thing out there.

CHARGES MAY APPLYRe: Big BenOn 2012-06-26, at 8:56 AM, Simpson, Mike wrote:London's famed Clock Tower which houses Big Ben is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne.

Hairdressers come each fall, to London, where we are guided by our passion and willingness to be better at our job and to learn more on a Salon International show, a show that shows us all the new hairstyles and is accompanied by leading names in our industry such as Vidal Sasson, Mozella & Palmer, Saco, Tony and Guy, Hob and others…

Thanks to social networking, we have managed to form all sorts of friendships with our colleagues all around the world. Salon international offers us a chance to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas with other people in our line of work. It’s nice to sit down for a pint of beer after the seminars and to transform all those virtual friendships to real ones, even to cooperate with some.


This year we have a lot of reasons for celebration; one of them includes our shop’s, Mandala’s, first birthday that we have had to celebrate in one of London’s oldest pubs along side with some overly famous fish and chips. Afterwards we have crowned this night out by going to the theatre. The unique and simple combination of comedy, dance and rhythm by the group called STOMP left us breath taking. They have created all sorts of magic by using only simple things like matches, brooms, pans, shopping carts, buckets and lighters… They have amazed us, so you are free to go and check them out at Ambassador theatre.

When there is a chance for Croats to come to British capital and perform in one of the strongest events in hairdressing world, we are simply obligated to give them credit for that amazing achievement and stand by their side as they represent our nation in the brightest light. Basically, on this simple almost too simple hairdressing event called NOICE that was founded by creative director of Saco academy Richard Ashforth, Croatian team from Zagreb, called ZGAT, have showed and presented their work. Our hearts grew a little. It was a special treat for Christmas to be a part of this hairdressing community.


So as we were going back to the city, we just have to mention some of the places we have visited. The same way we stop at British square on a Sunday afternoon in Zagreb, we have stopped at Portobello, one of many London’s squares. A lots of antiques, vintage clothes and shoes, traditional food and street music make you forget to check your watch and just be lost in time. You can find something for everyone at Portobello, if not on stands, then in all those little shops full of everything. One of which is a small headquarter to a notorious and provocative graffiti message designer group called BANKSY.


Crazy amount of nice things and stories happened to us in London in only 2 and a half days, so we simply can’t complain about a thing. It was a very nice and inspirational trip.

Powered by: Mandala salon

Text: Vlasta Menges

Photos: Darko Purić

Translation: Filip Šeatović

When Alex and his wife took a tour around Croatia in spring of 2014. they have fallen in love with its natural beauty, and its lifestyle that’s not as rushed as you would’ve imagine, where you can always find time for family and friends and lifestyle that contains the joy of fulfilled life. So they have decided to relocate from China to Croatia and they offered to Zagreb something we didn’t have already – a place where you can enjoy a good cup of tea.


On Ilica street 107 they have opened a small place called JING YUAN Teahouse, a place you might overlook thinking it’s just a regular teahouse but it isn’t!


“I have tried to find a place that is a little bit remote, so you can’t actually see what’s inside before you get in”, says Alex as we where drinking our 3rd cup of red tea. When you step into Teahouse you will be amazed by the calmness of the place.

Before they have moved here Alex went through the training of becoming, as they would say a tea master, which he only thought as a hobby before. Today he transfers that same knowledge to his employee Lakšmi and she is also trying to become a master herself.


The things a master needs to know are the pace of drinking the tea, which cup goes to who, by their character and energy she tries to read. Teabags are being poured with water. After that we transfer them to these little cute cups. The ceremony goes on and it depends how on a colour of the bag.

For our red tea the first pouring was thrown away cause it was to bitter, the second and the third one was served and so was the fourth. You can keep it up until the tea number seven. You have to drink it in small cups to completely understand the aroma of that tea.

“You drink tea with all of your senses; you can touch it, feel it, taste it, smell it and of course see it. Drinking tea helps people in China to maintain their body health on a high level. It helps the body to deal with our surroundings”, says Alex. That is why we have chosen the red tea for this morning; so it can lift us up on this day, make it happier.


“As you probably felt the first taste of the red tea was a little bit bitter. That represents the man in his youth, he doesn’t really think about anyone but himself, doesn’t care about the environment…the second and the third cup felt more like it, not as bitter; that is a part of life when we start realizing the world is not here for us, we start to care about others and so do they about us. Last cup won’t be bitter at all; it will be calm and tasteful. It’s that time in our lives when we realize to accept everything good and try to do good for others too”, Alex says.


Although it is not common to put anything in your tea like lemons, sugar or honey, lately they have start to add a bit of lemon and far more exotic things like rose leaves. A cup of tea goes perfectly with small cookies that the JING YUAN Teahouse will soon have. So if you’re in the mission of trying to find your „one“, why not start with a cup of tea?

Text: Diana Martinaj

Photos: Željka Mikulčić

Translation: Filip Šeatović

How to squeeze in the whole day, a bit of art and a beauty product in just one post? Simple!
Watch me…or read me better said :-)

You must have noticed that the time has been crazy lately. Meetings are getting more and more often, also more and more important. Nevertheless. My city had become the really fast speedster I’m trying to catch up too. More younger and alive than ever, this speedster is breaking all the records. I’m getting more and more in love with it every single day. It didn’t back down in front of all those chilly days, it is obviously not afraid of south wind either so Zagreb, take a bow.
I can’t say I have any excuse why am I always hanging out on those beautiful coffee bar decks. But they are worm and cozy and I like it. Sometimes they remind me of those summer beaches were you go to show off your new collection but this time Zara and H&M have provided all those warm coats and jackets. Cowboy boots, cool jeans…some things just keep coming back as a fashion jackpots. People are prolonging their lunch breaks just so they can show off on their new feathers. Whoever does not skip a few working hours is pretty weird tab. Maybe even from another planet.
Of course there are a lot of new places to visit, redesigned ones and all others. Events are coming up. It’s impossible to be on all of them so here are my first choices:



Britain square is personally one of the better looking market places cause they have this antique-flower offer that always make my wallet feel a little bit lighter afterwards. I love the fact that soon there will not be any more room for my hobby of buying those porcelain sets and using them as a prop for my photos. On the corner of Ilica street, a new Kava Tava moved in, after some fancy furniture selling place that couldn’t keep up in this country and a pretty unique and respective restaurant/showroom that didn’t make it. It was like it waited for that place to be tried by the unworthy ones and then simply walked in and said, we’re here to stay! Designed in a perfectly Croatian way, with mostly toasts and American creeps, served on those cute, little cushions, it could also be a great place to just come and be happy with the one you love. Interior looks amazing with coffee mugs, a little Vespa and a small hall that was rebuild in a way of the inside of an airplane that serves for watching movies. Spectacular!




I am a fan of Vincent Van Gogh so I couldn’t have waited for a Croatian version to be opened. Ignjat is one of the most influential artists of the Croatian modern art period. Press have really shown him and his new upcoming show in a great light saying things like: „an artist that painted and die with the art itself“. Invitation guaranteed.

Somehow you turn up in this other version of space. In which things that matter here, don’t there. When the highest form of communication was a simple, hand written letter. No phones no emoji’s. Just sincere emotions. Paintings had the same effect.

Unfortunately short and traumatic life had Ignjat have and you can see that through his artwork. You have been wondering who are those artists you keep seeing in his paintings, the ones you have been studying in high school…and you got’em all a little bit confused. (El Greco, Goya, Breughel, Munch). I am a bit ashamed. Art lessons have been taken for granted far too much. Then, out of nowhere a version of „Van Gogh“ resurfaced in his artwork. The Mediterranean motives that have always been inspiring him: Supetar on Brač where he had his workshop, Dubrovnik, Komiža…and the at the end all those lifelike scenes from the tap house that remind us on that French maestro Lautrec. Željka and myself are getting out in love with the artwork we just saw. We’re coming back to reality with the help of row cake at this place called Vis-a-Vis. Getting back to our phones and texts and social networks. The colours that surround us… unfortunately.




At the end, something more for my girls. Luxury, cute, adorable.
The resurrection for body and soul… yes, beauty products are making our body and soul younger… at least we feel like it.

The adorable little boosters from Clarins. Three little miracle workers, aphrodisiacs, come in orange, blue and green initiative that light up your skin every single morning.

Only one drop in your daily beauty crème and your life becomes art of its own. Your face becomes the canvas that you can turn into a beautiful piece of art! Long lived the art, in all of it shapes!


I did it!!! Didn’t I? I managed to put all of it into one post. Little piece of art, right there. :-)


Text&Photos: Lidija Šeatović 

Translation: Filip Šeatović


If somebody have told me only few months earlier, that I was going to get up early every day to try and take amazing pictures of fruit smoothie, and if that same guy have said that I was seriously thinking about getting a pet…I would be like: HELLO!!! Or I would at least tell him that he needs to get serious. Unfortunately that just can’t be me… I’m a child of a fluffy croissant, hidden half-eaten donuts, a huge fan of creamy cakes, the star of those famous family barbecue, big hater of salads and amazed people watcher (the same people that have all those pets I dream about). How am I supposed to fit in one more animal in my already pretty filled up life? But, sometimes life just shows you who the boss is and practically makes me, forces me to fall in love with Dodo.



And than it starts. Beautiful and healthy food that comes up on almost every single post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any social network. You know, the ones that make you cry just cause you can only see them and not eat them… that much that you can smell them through the photo. You can’t even comprehend how many smoothies, salads and types of making rice exist in this world. And just wait a little bit…you won’t be eating anything else forever in a matter of seconds. Chia pudding will, believe it or not, became one of your favourite treats. I never realized how tasty and delicious really healthy food is! And now I remember those young days… I definitely didn’t see this one coming.
And it knocks you down…this new incarnation of healthy life… and just like that, you’re a healthy addict!



The decision has been made! It was only a matter of time when I will find a soul mate that will accompany me in my adventures and its name is… MyLittleGreenStories. It is how it is and the Almighty one upstairs really sees everything, puts a little magic in our lives and here we are. Željka and I have been discussing our battle plan since the day we met(through Insta) and it is to be cooking our butts off! Tasty and healthy. To enjoy life. Play with all sorts of amazing food combinations. Making dreams come true. And to spoil a tummy or two…:-)



Željka lives with her family in a high end of Zagreb, in one of those houses that reminds us of all those movie stars and celebrities who have enough money to buy an island if the want to. You’d think Željka would be a little bit conceited for living in a place like that…but that is the farthest from the true possible!! She is an amazing, talented and a little bit self-effacing. When everything sums up, she is truly a wonderful person.
Marija and I come fully loaded (I brought all my dishes, she brought all her photography equipment) at her place while the morning was still a little bit foggy. And our welcoming party included not only Željka, but 2 very lovely dogs, Roxie and Dodo. Roxie is a little imp, but Dodo have made me feel like I have fallen in love for the first time again.
So here we are, in Željka’s home playing with the sunlight, testing new delicious meals and trying to capture every single moment. Sun started to rise…and we talk, cook, take pics, having a blast, starting a fire in the fireplace, toasting to our cooperation with a smooth glass of red wine. The final product was this amazing green curry soup! Of course that is not the only thing that we made that day in the kitchen…but we’ll come back on that. Cheers my friends…





Ingredients(2 portions):

½ onion
1 yellow carrot
½ small parsley root
1/2 small parsnip root
freshly grated ginger
slice of garlic
500-600 ml of water
¼ middle-sized cauliflower
1-2 spoons of lime juice
black pepper
few parsley and celery leaves
mixed curry spices
for decoration: black cumin seeds

How to make:

Preamble: You need to know that curry soup needs to be much less spicy than original curry is, so as we are trying to make soup as green as it can be, we need to avoid anything that can turn the curry soup onto the red colour.
That’s why we have to put that ½ of sliced onion into the pan that has previously been greased with olive oil. Than we add sliced yellow carrot and ½ of small parsley and parsnip root.
Let it sit for a few minutes than add freshly grated ginger and a slice of garlic.
We add ¼ of middle sized cauliflower, and if you like you can also add some green leaves in it and a 1-2 spoons of lime juice. We mix it in with 500-600 ml of water.
When the cauliflower is cooked enough you can add this ingredients per taste… little bit of ginger or garlic or lime juice, black pepper, parsley leaves and celery too…as well as mixed curry spices and salt.
We mix it all up in the blender. Or by hand if you prefer that.
Decorate with black cumin seeds right before serving.

Serve along side Grisine Encian, „Bite and Go!“


Text: Lidija Šeatović

Recipe created and made by: Željka Čolakić

Photos: Marija Laća

Prepared in cooperation with company ENCIAN.

Thanks to company Sol i Papar for the dishes we used.

Fall isn’t really my favourite season. Mornings are blurry, rainy, smoggy, cold and windy… not really my cup of tea. I am a spring child and I love warm sunny days, 30 degrees, no clouds and a little bit of that orange romance in those beautiful sunsets.
That is way I need to spice fall up with some cute things. Perhaps, a delicious coffee with a lot of cream. And not just one per day. Soft, cozy, gray tracksuit can fit quiet nicely in here. Warm blanket. All tucked in and enjoying life.


Late evenings that smell like cinnamon that spreads from an earl grey cup of tea with my favourite book that I somehow, never get to finish.
And all those nice things I can’t say no to or won’t let go.
The perfect lamp that stands right next to my bed, where I lie all cuddled up and read that book or watch my favourite romantic comedy and fantasize about it…
Things start looking better and better!


That’s way I was happy as a little kid on Friday, when I came back from Love, Ana design studio with this beautiful Traveller lamp. Easy, woodlike, easy transferable and multi-functional – „travels“ with you wherever you want (living room, bedroom, balcony and further on…). Let your dreams take you away.

And let’s not forget. Copper circumference can be used as a little table for holding some easier things. In my case, a pair of glasses that I always manage to lose somehow. Or a small pot for dry lavander. Or a little stem of flowers that reminds you of summer, warmth and love when it’s lit with the light from the lamp… or an entire life!


Note to yourself: all additional information about the products can be found at or in store/Dezman street, Zagreb/.


Photo:: Lidija Šeatović for MLZ

Translation: Filip Šeatović for MLZ

It’s pretty hard to know what is a good event to go to when there are so many choices. All the new products are being launched, new projects are being announced, sweepstakes are being organized, anniversaries celebrated… and so on and on. Sometimes there are so much of them I lose count and I can’t remember where and when was I :-) !

But I have to admit Juicy came through this time. With an old but successful formula of having a welcoming present, (in their case a personalized invitation to an event that a nice delivery guy had brought and those little Juicy sodas in the new bottles that were delivered to my home address) I got this feeling that I should grace them with my presence at a popular Mojo bar in Zagreb. In the end, it wasn’t hard to came and enjoy on that beautiful sun, meet with some old friends from the branch, use the time to talk about our personal lives and families.


To be honest the program itself was really promising. The ever lasting formula was: little bit of famous, little bit of food, little bit of music… and show must go on! And of course those little cocktails that were made with juicy sodas were amazing. I thought I got the one without alcohol but I wasn’t that lucky unfortunately. It was an amazing experience… I can definitely say I completely understood the meaning of Juicies new campaign…to try new thingsmission completed!

Conclusion: event succeeded, we had an amazing time, and the most proper thing to do was to write a big thanks to people that organized this fine night. Although cocktails were pretty amazing we won’t be drinking anything like that…only those yummy little Juicy sodas. Enjoy guys!

Recipes were made by Željka Ćolakić, our new co-worker on the blog. And I was just playing with the camera. Press photos are press photos.




1 dcl Juicy apple
2 dcl green tea (chilled)
2 halves of squeezed lime
little lime crust for decorating
a looot of ice
extra touch: scrub a little bit of crust
one extra advice: the juice and tea ratio can be easily adjusted by the taste of the cook


1 dcl Juicy pineapple
2 dcl earl grey tea
little bit squezzed grape
a looot of ice
extra touch: scrub a little bit of grape


Recipes created by: Željka Ćolakić

Text&preparation&photos: Lidija Šeatović

Press photos: Rijetka biljka