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Those moments when the sun finally shows that the spring is knocking on our door, and the summer is behind the corner. Those moments when your feet just get tired of walking on the same floors, so you simply have to travel to some new and exotic place. At least, for a day or two. To recharge your batteries, reassemble the wardrobe, rest your soul and wake a few memories on all those good old days.

And there are no limits to your good will to go and travel, no matter the weather or the big traffic jams throughout the country, nothing will stop you to take a walk or go out in the nature. Destination? What are the goals? Shopping (if necessary), food for soul and body… sweet life, la dolce vita, style, healthy food, delicious coffee… close?

Any ideas where to go?

Trieste on my mind

… and casual adventure with your buddy can start. Best road trip ever.


It’s not like we didn’t have already make an elaborate and well-thought plan about all the places we gonna visit, but you can’t just not go to some places so we had to improvise sometimes. It’s not those old times anymore where you would see a friendly neighbour Balkan people running around Trieste, trying to get as much clothes and things they need in a small window of time they have. The city has improved and got much more sophisticated… so did we. Still there, like in ancient times when it was under Austria’s’ possession, that build it and made it an international centre of this part of Europe. The statue of James Joyce appeared on the Rosso market, probably cause J. Joyce had spend some time in Italy living there and teaching.
Have to say. I like this Trieste more than the one before.
Let us show you some memorable places and things we saw.



We have satisfied our hunger for good clothes by walking through a little city called Noventa di Piave… the city with towers, a fashion mecca for literally everyone with good taste. Except the usual offer from all those shops with normal prices and everyday clothing, there were some brands we could only feast our eyes upon. Like Prada, Marni, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo, Paul Smith, Gucci, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Escada, Fendi etc. Sale is mostly around 30% but sometimes, rarely, you can come up to even 90% on sale…but I wasn’t that lucky. All I’ve seen was a Bottega Veneta handbag that was on sale for not even a 10%. Bad luck for me and good luck for my pocket. :-)



One pair of cute, black loafers from Jil Sander made way into my heart, then my wallet, then my car and after all my feet. Few shirts and socks made their way as well. We couldn’t have waited for a beautiful shower and huge bed when we came back to our hotel. We have stayed in a hotel called Grand Duchi d’Aosta, which is located on Piazza Unita d’Itaia square. Yes, it is the most impressive one you’ll see in Trieste and the one that has a clean look at the sea. The one that offers luxurious rooms and reminds you of a time from the past, as it say in the commercial. And it is not lying.

Its history is 700 years old so it is not a surprise that you can actually feel the history going through these walls and feel it on your skin. Maybe it was Maria from Spain, the wife of Ferdinand I., that had the same shower as we did after she went for a shopping spree in her own time, or was it Horatio Nelson, an admiral, who was the one who simply fell over on these beautiful sheets after he fought his tough battles. Or do I sense the present of the one I would like to meet in person, Giacomo Casanova, the infamous gentleman?


There were a few scandals here in these rooms. There has been a tragic event here in the late 1700’s when a certain Giovanni Wincklemann, a beloved architect, was murdered right here in this hotel by no one other than his lover. Imagine the scandal, a famous and well known architect, killed by a simple man, a peasant. In these chambers. Let’s be honest, that would be a scandal in today times as well.
Some of the few famous and historic people who have stayed here include, Francis Ford Coppola, Ray Charles, Anthony Hopkins, Sting and others.
If Agatha Christie had stayed there, I’m sure the murder would have been solved. But as it turns out the queen convicted the man without any proper evidence. Pfff… too obvious…



While we were walking through the streets of Trieste, we have noticed that a lot has been changed. But the coffee still stayed mind-blowing and the pasta is still perfect in a few restaurants, and the Italians are still flawless when it comes to style and fashion.


It was a lucky coincidence that the Eataly was open, right by the coast, and it helped our legs and years to rest knowing we didn’t have to go far to get what we need. But as we were heading there, we stumbled at this amazing place called Le Comptoir the Matilde, a place that was basically covered in chocolate, and we went crazy. I don’t really know every single thing we bought there. But there was everything!!!

Eataly is an international gastro food chain market that offers and sells all the local food and helps to promote „slow food” philosophy of food lifestyle. My kinda lifestyle.

This one in particular, was open last year on the same place where old dock buildings used to be and it covers almost 3000 meters per square ground. When you stand in front of it, you don’t get amazed by it… at least I didn’t. It kind of reminds me of an early 70’s renovated building. But the interior design is the reason why I love the Italin designers so much, it simply left you speechless. It was designed by Marco Casamonti and painted by De Chirica, a modernist that paints ideal buildings in ideal cities.


There are over 4000 products on the shelves, 5 restaurants, all the ingredients are controlled and pure and clean (mostly from the place around Pijemont, also a birth place of the founder) with a special note on being delicious. Some restaurants are faced towards the sea and it is almost impossible to reserve a table for dinner. In the basement there is a party of wine flavours and brands. And of course, it wouldn’t be Italia if there weren’t for – Grappa, their amazing schnapps. Eataly is fast growing, huge corporation that has expanded all over the world, no matter on its business policy… only home-made. Fascinating.


So long Trieste… this was a good one. See you soon for sure. :-)

Photo: Lidija Šeatović (iPhone)

Translation: Filip Šeatović


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