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When she earned a degree in comparative literature and Croatian language studies from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities in 2008, Matea believed she was out of school for good. Still, there she is seven years later – still in school! On the other side of the desk, however, seeing as she works as a Croatian teacher in a Zagreb high school. Before she took up the chalk, she worked as a journalist. It turns out that she never forgot her first (professional) love so she has done some work in various media since graduating. She has promised to introduce us (and you) to some new and cool joints in Zagreb and tell us why she fell in love with her hometown last winter.



Diana is a yoga teacher. She was a journalist for a while, but she left this stressful world to devote herself fully to yoga. Since her teenage years, she has worked as an aerobics, belly dance, and Pilates instructor, but her encounter with yoga proved to be fatal. She finds special inspiration in Ashtanga yoga. Diana is constantly on the go, and when she told me she missed writing (sorry, Diana, watch what you’re saying from now on :-), I decided to fulfill her wish. She would, naturally, wish to write mainly about yoga and a healthy diet, but I, naturally, won’t let her.!diana/brz6y



If you need an excellent mental coach (who doesn’t?), Ana is your go-to person. She’s a psychology graduate from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb; until recently, she worked as a psychologist at the Sports High School, and her current address is Mental Training. In her spare time, she writes for Modra lasta as LastAna and gives advice to the young. So if young people listen to her, why wouldn’t you? She has more serious photos than the ones above, but she looks so cool in these!

P.S. Lest I forget… her life motto is: Never grow up, it’s a trap! (of course!)



Ana Hečej was born in Split, and she took great joy in packing and unpacking the suitcases of life to head to Zagreb. Mother of two angels, Vid and Frida. With them awoke an inspiration for non-stop photographing and an extra busy head and hands. She graduated from the Faculty of Law. She can’t really describe it in nice adjectives, but she has the diploma… Her cheerful spirit never gave her space for her and law to fall in love – only to finish it. Her photos are simply breathtaking… you’ll see!




Born in Split, residing in Zagreb. Has a degree in journalism. Worked mostly in daily newspapers. Has been trying for years to move away from journalism, but it has caught up to her over and over again. So she still works as a freelance journalist, but she also writes poetry for kids, does some volunteering and dabbles in marketing. Ana spends most of her days writing and running after a small child. She likes books, tv shows, child theatre shows, good music, taverns, obscure bars and colourful Zagreb people. She burns her excess energy working out at a Fitness bootcamp. Emotional outbursts are not her style and she prefers constructive criticism.



Nevena is a translator who finds particular joy in literary translation, and she spends the rest of her office hours teaching English and Croatian as a second language. She is a great fan of cooking, running, game shows, and singing. She loves to travel and meet new streets, but most of all, she likes to come back home – to her Zagreb.




Jana Radeljak is a manager of PR agency Bagadodo (Bagadodo is an “imaginary” friend of the youngest of her four brothers). She likes sports, cheering, particularly tennis and volleyball (which her brothers play). She loves to cook, especially making sweet treats for her husband (she recently got married J), family gatherings, snowboarding, all kinds of cheeses… She loves nature, particularly hiking and the woods… She says it’s a bit odd to write about herself since she usually writes about – others.

Translation: Nevena Erak