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Advent in the upper town – I tell the tale… at Grič

That date happened at Park Zrinjevac. Had coffee at Express bar in Petrinjska street, met some friends in making during a sunny Tuesday, while the first Advent days were here. Just about to be noon and most of my tasks for today completed. Next one is an easy one – chilling in winter soon and having a stroll through upper part of town. Discovering a few new places throughout the city on different locations. Martić Street filled with designers’ shops, upper town streets and backyards, and part of it moved to Novi Zagreb… There is a bunch of new to-do places on my little list, but not as much time as I needed (#twoweekstillchristmas). So let’s go!

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Lidija‘s been waiting for me at Franck, we are chugging our second cup of coffee and heading to upper part of town. Of course she’s laughing at me after my tough breathing after that 15th stair, but my muscle fibre from last nights Pilates class is still not allowing me to move much. J

Stross has temporarily been renamed to Strossmatre, cause all of its bedeck. It gave us a glimpse of what it’s offering throughout this cold December. Romance all around. After all those coffees it’s definitely time for some warm snack. Where we going, what we doing? 8 different houses gave us a lot of options, but I had a feeling for Fantastic food and drinks place that probably has the biggest offer of sausages in the city, at least I think it has. They have something different to offer so I had to decide between a variety of sausages, and I didn’t know what to pick. It was actually pretty cool but at the end I decided to go with spicy normal one and I wasn’t wrong for choosing that one. It was served with fried onions, mustard and vegetables. But first let me take a picture (selfie).


Uncommon beer offer had me going with Estrella that brought me back to summer and Barcelona… but let’s move on cause the sun was fading and that makes my romantic associations and gastro wishes shorter to fulfil.


Award for the biggest disseverment of this Advent is definitely Vlaška story. Nice guy named Femi, from Konoba Težok, served us with some amazing homemade wine out of the Lipanović cellar, and a Plavac was an amazing choice. Haven’t gone wrong there. Lidija was trying all sorts of food and drinks, for so long that we’ve almost forgot to move on to the next place…but we will be back here again… very soon!


There is another cute place, above the Stross, that was meant for romantics and food lovers, but as well to people that love screenplay. That is not all. There is a show called The tale from Grič, that has been playing at Vranci meadow with a few DJ’s and musicians. Place looks like it has been mad for taking pics so we did. Gavella is the one who is responsible for this wonderful place, but instead of watching a theatrical masterpiece, we drank. I had plumb schnapps and L had apple and cinnamon. Yes and yes sir!


Our daylight inspired adventure ends at one of the most visited places in Zagreb during this years Christmas holidays, Klovićevi dvori. Ice skating; next time, but fritters warm up our souls and chocolate and cinnamon makes it even sweeter. (I have stopped writing down stuff a long time ago, all those city lights and the new look amazed me too much.)


It’s nice. Take all members of your close family, your pets, neighbours, boyfriends, girlfriends everyone and go and enjoy the upper town. Workdays are even an better option since people are busy and don’t have time to go to the city. You won’t be sorry for frizzing a little bit, just be creative in the ways you warm yourself up again. The schedule of every single event during the Advent is available on super interesting site

Kissy, kissy, see you seen.

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Text: Matea Roščić

Photos: Lidija Šeatović, Marija Laća

Translation: Filip Šeatović


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